Trackin The Box

Trackin the Box is simply a complete tracking solution in a box without contract, monthly bills, reconnection charges or any hidden costs. The Trackin the Box unit is available directly through Maploc8 and a growing number of retailers including motor factors, plant and machinery dealers and Quad & Gator retailers.

When purchased, every Trackin the Box has a 2 month complimentary subscription included. After this period expires, a choice of pre-paid options are available. Choose from 6, 12 or 36 month pre-paid periods all priced to ensure Trackin the Box is the most flexible, value-for-money, quality tracking product on the market.

Due to its discrete size and high IP rating, Tracking the Box is suitable for almost every vehicle and with the engine immobilisation option it offers a level of security and peace of mind other trackers don’t provide. Trackin the Box provides a range of the most popular features used in modern tracking and with our free app included, monitoring your vehicles has never been easier.

Real Time Tracking


Alerts and Warnings

Engine Immobilisation

Ignition On/Off Reports

iOS and Android Apps

Trackin The Box

Unit Purchase Price £6999+VAT
includes 2 months complimentary subscription


6 months Additional Subscription £4999+VAT
Combined Price £119.98 +VAT


12 months Additional Subscription £8999+VAT
Combined Price £159.98 +VAT


36 months Additional Subscription £23999+VAT
Combined Price £309.98 +VAT
On-site fitting can be arranged from £35 +VAT per vehicle.
Engine Immobilisation additional fitting charge £10 +VAT.

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