Using technology to help make a difference to everyday fleet management

The management team at Maploc8 have over 45 years combined experience delivering technology solutions to businesses. We are the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for Mapon, who are one of the most trusted brands throughout Europe and have been providing GPS Tracking and Telematics solutions to businesses globally for over 12 years.

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  • Detailed Live Tracking Platform

  • Customer Flexibility without Contract
  • Unlimited Customer Support Included

  • Unrivalled Feature List

  • Value for Money

Why Choose Maploc8?

At Maploc8, we already supply tracking for use in a vast range of completely different business sectors. Our valued customers include Plant & Haulage operators, hire companies, company reps, parcel delivery, farmers and many more examples.

We have multiple features available to choose from which have all been designed around specific users or business types. We are aware each business customer might have different tracking requirements and we have made it our priority to build and continue developing features to meet customer demands.

Our attention to customer service coupled with the confidence in what we offer allows us to supply all our tracking “if preferred” without a contract, giving the customer complete flexibility.