Simple and effective GPS fleet management solutions

Our fleet solution is delivered in 2 parts – A GPS tracking device that is installed on the vehicle or mobile asset and a web based mobile software application. The data from the vehicle is collected and sent by the GPS tracking device back to software platform, where vehicle information can be used in real-time.  This information relates to locational data as well as being presented in reports, real-time alerts and other business data requirements.  The system can also be integrated with other devices and systems to provide additional functionality.

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Real-Time tracking and display

Online visual displays of current vehicle locations, speed and distance travelled as well as other real-time data.

Fuel control and Monitoring

Additional fuel monitoring can be connected into the diagnostics of the vehicle, this provides real-time information about the current amount of fuel in the tank, average fuel consumption as well as refilling and discharging events.

Customised Reporting

There are over 20 standard reports which cover various fleet operations across a number of different areas. Route history, visited places, fuel receipts, and performance of working hours are only some reports available. Reports can also be customised to suit business operations and requirements.

Alerts and Warnings

Automatically generate and send alerts and warnings. This will save you time and money and make monitoring more effective. There are 15 types of alerts available and some examples include; exceeding speed limited set for the vehicle, entering a restricted area (geofence), operating vehicle outside normal working hours, or approaching an insurance renewal.

2-Way communication with Garmin

With our solution, the navigation devices capability can be extended to help the driver and system/job administrator. We make it possible to send messages and destination coordinates to the driver from our software to the Garmin navigation device in the vehicle. The administrator and driver can communicate directly and these records are then managed through the Maploc8 central control system.

Duress/Safety Button

This is an additional feature, which once installed, can be activated in the event of an emergency. If activated, an alert and information can be sent to the control centre which includes accurate information about the vehicles location and any follow up actions required without any further interaction from the driver/operator.

Connects directly to the CAN bus

Our solution can be directly connected to the vehicles on-board computer via the CAN bus, this feature allows the system to collect additional information relating to the vehicles overall operation. This might include; total mileage, engine revolutions, consumed fuel, and other operational indicators.

Vehicle engine Immobilisation

If installed, we provide the ability for the user to remotely stop their vehicle’s engine. This feature provides the user with added peace of mind and advanced vehicle security.

Gauge monitoring controls

Some vehicles are required to maintain cargo and goods at a specific air temperature. If required, we can install an additional measuring device, which can then be viewed by the client in our system in real-time.

Access anytime, anywhere

  • Web browser based software
  • iPhone application
  • Android application
  • Mobile web browser version
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Technical specifications


Size and Weight

Height 90mm
Width 100mm
Depth 25mm
Weight 150g

Environmental Requirements

· Operating temperature: -20° to 55°
· Storage temperature: -40° to 85°
· Relative humidity: 5% to 95%, non-condensing


· 1 GSM LED indicator (red)
· 1 GPS LED indicator (green)

Inputs and Outputs

· 1 relay output
· 4 digital inputs
· 4 analogue inputs
· 1 USB port (service port)
· 1 SMA jack
· 2xCAN inputs
· 3xRS232 inputs


· Tri-band GSM / GPRS modem (900/1800/1900 MHz)
· Multi-channel GPRS class 10 / class 8


· GPS receiver with over 49 channels
· Sensitivity: -160 dBm – 147 dBm
· Accuracy: +/- 10 m

Power and Battery

· Built-in rechargeable Lithium ion battery
· Operating voltage: +10 V… +40 V DC
· Current consumption: nominal 75mA, peak 250mA

Memory and Fireware

· 4 MB built-in Flash
· Firmware update over the air

Special Features

· Automatic mode with smart memory management when the server is inaccessible
· Smart algorithm for collecting and transmitting data via GPRS (TCP / IP)
· Advanced roaming operation algorithm
· Standby mode
· GPS and sensor data collection and transmission in real time

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